International City, Russia Cluster, Dubai, UAE

Al Masa Transport LLC introduces us as one of the leading transport and heavy equipment Rental Company established in 1992 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since our inception, we have consistently evolved and advanced our services to emerge as one of the leading equipment rental companies in the United Arab Emirates.
As an organization, we are firmly committed to partnership type arrangements with our clients and each task is undertaken with a view to establishing and maintaining an effective long-term relationship.

Our success over the years is built on two strong values - impeccable professionalism and uncompromising dedication to our clients.

Who We Are

Our Mission

Al Masa Transport is committed to delivering the most innovative and effective solutions to make every project a proud accomplishment. We are driven to contribute to our client's success not as a mere service providers, but as a reliable and dedicated partners. In keeping with the highest standards of service, we keenly study our client's requirements before recommending customized solutions that perfectly fulfill the unique needs of each client.

About Us


Our Team

Al Masa Transport has a skilled & professional teamwork to take care of clients details & place them to actions and seek satisfaction. All our employees are widely trained with safety procedures and equipments’ are insured there for meeting their requirements of the UAE regulations.

Our Advantage

We are one of select few companies to own a fleet of side loader trailers to cover the entire container grounding needs. This gives our clients a three-fold advantage by saving time, cost and space.